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Orthodontics Website Explains Oral Health Benefits

Misaligned teeth can lead to other dental problems.

By Paula Bender

A few weeks ago, the Hawai‘i Convention Center opened wide for the American Association of Orthodontists’ 112th annual session with more than 14,000 smiling attendees. Orthodontists have special training to help patients with dental problems beyond cavities and toothaches. An orthodontist works with the whole face, the teeth, and the jaws to help get a bite right, straighten teeth, and improve a crooked smile. Such improvements often result in a better appearance, but more importantly, they contribute to a person’s overall health.

To explain their philosophy of how proper oral care contributes to whole body health, the association launched a website called My Life. My Smile. My Orthodontist. The site:

  • Explains how orthodontic treatment can help a person’s oral health.
  • Has a search engine to locate orthodontists.
  • Features the latest dental news and videos in the OrthoTV section that explain procedures, including testimonies from people who had work done.

The site has a section for parents that lists signs they might spot in their children – or themselves – that could indicate a visit to an orthodontist. The list includes:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth.
  • Difficulty chewing or biting.
  • Facial asymmetry.
  • Teeth grinding or clenching.

While it is most common for children and teenagers to get braces to help with their bite alignments, adults who have these problems should know they don’t have to live with them. According to the website, age is not a consideration for orthodontic treatment. Healthy teeth can be improved at any age.

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