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Breast Cancer: Are You Aware?

Education is power in the fight against breast cancer.

By Wimmie Wong Lui

Breast cancer strikes 124 out of 100,000 women in Hawai‘i, according to American Cancer Society estimates. That means more than 800 women could be diagnosed with the disease this year.

A breast cancer diagnosis prompts many questions and the need for many life-changing decisions. Whether you were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, are a cancer survivor, or know someone who has breast cancer, education is a powerful tool in the fight against the disease.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), and this year marks the 25th anniversary of the program. The NBCAM website serves as a year-round resource. The comprehensive site offers:

  • Support for women with breast cancer.
  • Information on the different types of breast cancer, therapies, and tips for communicating with your doctor.
  • Links to resources, including the latest developments in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Tips for survivors to help keep breast cancer from returning.
  • Easy-to-follow recipes for patients and their families with a focus on foods best tolerated and those that ease symptoms during cancer treatments.

True to NBCAM’s mission, the site also suggests creative ways to promote breast cancer awareness in the clinic, workplace, and throughout the community, including encouraging women to engage in activities that can detect breast cancer early.

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