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Health > Wellsites9/8/04 IS Online

What Every Man Needs to Know

By Shelly Dobransky-Nishida

Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, projected to affect about 230,000 American men this year. Though it's highly treatable, it will kill nearly 30,000 men in the United States this year.

To help monitor your health, lower your risks, or help you through treatment, visit the American Cancer Society's (ACS) Web site, which offers useful guidelines and information.

Did you know that you may be able to lower your risk of prostate cancer by eating less red meat and taking vitamin E? Select the "Can Prostate Cancer Be Prevented?" link for details. Also learn the best way to find prostate cancer at its earliest -- and most treatable -- stage by reading the "Early Detection, Diagnosis and Staging" section.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the "Treatment" and "Questions for Your Doctor" sections offer guidance and support group options.

Explore the ACS site to watch your health, help raise awareness, and spread the word about early detection.

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